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General Virtual Assistance

• Executive Virtual Assistants
People who can set up your meetings and book you up for events.
• Social Media Virtual Assistants
People who can take care of your social media campaigns.
• Marketing Virtual Assistants
People who can support the work of marketing managers and executives on projects directed at maximizing company profits and developing sales strategies.
• Data Entry Specialists
People who can take care of your long list and messy sheets.
• Technical Virtual Assistants
People who ensures technical and administrative tasks completed in a timely manner to support the technical personnel in the delivery of the specific piece of work or project.
• Project Management
Person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

Accounting Services

• Accounting Services and Bookkeeping People who can take care of your accounts and bookkeeping needs.
• Financial Planning People who can support your plans for your future financials.
• Self-Managed Super Funds InsurancePeople who can assist you for your plans on your insurance.
• Payroll SupportPeople who can deliver 100% accuracy of your payroll accounts.

Information Technology Support

• Application and Software DevelopmentPeople who can create outstanding programs like invertory, payroll system, attendance monitoring via biometrics etc.
• Information Technology and Technical SupportPeople who can take care your software and hardware components and even your computer networks.
• Website and E-Commerce DevelopmentPeople who can help you established superb websites and support you for your plans on e-commerce.
• Android and IOS Application DevelopmentPeople who can create exceptional android and IOS application for your needs.

Creative Designs

• Website DesignPeople who can beautify your website for the benefit of your target users.
• Video and Audio Editing People who can create and optimize visuals and recording.
• Graphic DesignPeople who can create amazing designs like logos, SNS post etc.
•Engineering and DraftingPeople who can create first-rate CAD designs, drafts, blueprints etc.
•Photo ManipulationPeople who can enhance photos that is exact for your taste.

Customer Support

• Sales and Appointment SettingPeople who can set your sales and appointment with other businesses.
• Custome Service and Account ManagementPeople who can take care of your valuable customers, accounts, profits.

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